Donald R.


Dr. Nick Stojanovich has been an excellent addition to my personal health care, just as his father, Robert, before him. Dr. Nick has shepherded me through my recent hip problems, he was integral in convincing my Kaiser primary doctor that I had a seriously degenerated hip in need of replacement as opposed to a herniated spinal disk. Dr. Nick’s focus extends beyond chiropractic; he introduced me to the Paleo AIP diet, which has started me on an outstanding weight loss and healthy body path.


Thanks to Dr. Nick’s concern for my entire health program I am up and moving and headed towards an active life style.

Donald R., 74 years young,

Maria G


My first visit to Dr. Bob was years ago. My previous chiropractor followed the “no pain – no gain” adjustment method, and not having any other experience this was what I expected from Dr. Bob as well. But, I never do feel any pain from a Dr. Bobs’ adjustments. Its gentle. Its through. After my first adjustment with him, I got in my car and turned to look over my shoulder to back up…aaaahhhh…the pain I would feel when turning wasn’t there. I knew there and then Dr. Bob was not only the right Chiropractor for me, but for my friends and family as well. More than a dozen years later, more than a dozen of my family and friends have become “well adjusted” people under Dr. Bob’s care!


The extra-added bonus is Dr. Bob’s care doesn’t just stop at your back, arm, neck, shoulder, knee, fingers, elbow…he cares for the entire body. He is an amazing wealth of information for good health! He is who I turn to for advise and information on the types and quality of food, food allergies, healthy alternatives, and overall well-being…and being well! And Dr. Bob truly cares about each of his patients as a person.


So when I needed to change health insurance coverage, and Dr. Bob was not an in-network provider it never occurred to me to change chiropractors. I get far more value from my visits to Dr. Bob than I could ever hope to get out of any health insurance plan! Despite my age and injuries I’m more active now than ever before, a lot of that is due to Dr. Bob’s care and advise!


Thank you Dr. Bob!!!

Maria G.,

Autoimmune Paleo Diet Saved My Life

I just want to talk about Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP) in hopes that maybe one or two of your patience struggling with autoimmune read this. As you know I've been doing the AIP diet for about 6 months. It has dramatically changed my life as I've shared before. I want to say that not only do I feel better than I have in YEARS, but my energy level has also increased substantially. Chores like yard work, cleaning the house, etc, are exactly what their called, CHORES! I do not struggle to motivate to do these things anymore but I wanted to talk about other small things I didn't know took energy. For instance, I used to have to talk myself into flossing my teeth cause it's a pain.  Being on the Autoimmune Paleo Diet and my new found energy, I don't have to talk myself into flossing anymore. It's really hard to explain but things just aren't difficult anymore!  Even the tedious chores.


I just feel so good that I embrace doing ALL chores cause it's just part of life and my daily/weekly regiment. Again, hard to explain but life was just REALLY difficult for me before, and now it's just not. I can't put into words how great I feel, pain levels have decreased so much it's almost a non issue, and my energy levels have increased so much that life is worth living again.


It's been so long since I've been struggling with autoimmune that I almost forget that this feeling I have right now, this feeling of gratefulness, excited to wake up and face the day, happy to do chores, excited about life, is a NORMAL FEELING!


I truly hope my incredible healing journey will help others that struggle. I used to say "well good for you but that's just not for me, it just won't work for me" and that's BS!!!! I am living proof that the Autoimmune Paleo Diet worked and I'm just so darn thrilled I had/have two guys like you to be my mentors.

Burke P, Owner of Construction Company

Chiropractic care is an art of the hands.  The Chiropractor needs to know how to feel your pain with his hands and to see the anatomy in his or her mind.  That art is called, Palpation.  And in my opinion, you cannot "teach" palpation; you have to have the vision already in your core as a person.  Like painting a portrait.  Anybody with brush and paint can put color on a canvas, anyone who went to Art School can paint.  But you can't teach mastery to someone who doesn't have it in them from the start.


Dr. Stojanovich is a master in his art.  His hands create a masterpiece.


I've gone to a few Chiropractors that were either too intimidated to give me a thorough adjustment, or some that nearly snapped my head off and almost spun me over!  Either I didn't feel relief or felt like my head was nearly torn off.  But Dr. Stojanovich really knows where the point of balance his.  He is gentle, but thorough; and that's what keeps me coming here once a week as part of my, what I call, Hygiene for the Spine.

Mr. Nic H., Network Engineer