Hey Dr. Bob; it’s Ted K (last name edited for privacy) reporting back from my vacation in Hawaii!  The golf course to be exact! Couldn’t have done it without you! I’m doing the exercises you taught me and the lower back is moving smoothly with every swing!

Ted K.,

Dr. Nick, it’s amazing the range of motion you’ve restored to my neck. It’s a gift to be able to walk in the park and do a simple task (that everyone takes for granted) of being able to turn your neck when looking around! I’m really happy I found the best Chiropractor I know – Cheers from Pleasant Hill!

Karen M., Police Officer

I’ve always received excellent service delivered with skilled hands here.  I injured my lower back and had bad sciatica.  Couldn’t even sleep on my right side at night.  Any pressure on that hip joint caused pain.  Looked for a Chiropractor in Walnut Creek and found Dr. Stojanovich on Yelp.  Came in, 4 sessions later and the pain was gone.  I think he’s the best!

Brad E., P.E. Teacher